Read what Game Reviewers are saying about the music:

"Nichols’ score for Earthlock, however, sounds more inspired by Yoko Shimomura’s scores for Legend of Mana and Kingdom Hearts. The songs here aren’t quite as melody-driven as Shimomura’s work, but still do an excellent job of giving different locations distinct characters."
- Zam

"What a lot of indie developers get wrong is the music for their games. Interestingly enough, Earthlock got the music just right. There’s intensity when the situation calls for alarm; there’s a whimsical allure when you’re traveling through ancient cities; and all of the music plays to the perfect beat of understanding where you are in the game............
.......THE GOOD
Growing ammo is pretty neat, along with the musical score, and the cool looking characters."

- Gamingbolt

Vibrant colors and lovely music"
- GameCynic

"The music in the game is nice pleasant and calming, every town has their own little jingle that you can hear as well as the different landscapes backgrounds"
- thevideogames

"Overall, all the best aspects of Earthlock can be summed up in its music: hints of the ethereal, the playful and the deeply engrossing, with more profoundly moving melodies each time you listen."
- gamespew

"The sound effects and overall atmospheric score are top notch though."
- mmorpg

Read what gamers are saying about the music:

"Earthlock: Festival of Magic - Some of the best title music EVER!"
- Xiphos Gaming

"...This game has some of the greatest music I think I've ever listened too ( while playing a game ). Quite possibly some of the trippiest music in a game, this piece blew me away the first time I heard it."
- Catherine Andris

"I just wanted to let you know this is one of most beautiful pieces of music. When I first heard it, I thought I am going to have to learn that and I am so happy that I can. Thank you."
- Jessica Sykes

"...Finally, I've found the perfect style of piano music."
- Nubsity

"This is one of the best songs I've ever listened, and I hear a lot of this kind of music, God bless your talent... It's simply beautiful"
- Armando Isaac Garcia Del Rincón

"appreciate your hard work really awesome music.. when I listened to it I couldn't start the game I put the controller aside and enjoyed the music.. such a masterpiece it sad though there are not many people who knows it but I really wish all the best"
- Sensi Paul

"This has to be one of the best boss battle songs I ever heard in all of RPGs. Wish someone would make a extended version of this, 2 mins is too short D:"
- TendoMan77

"with a unique artstyle and an amazingly genuine and beautiful soundtrack......I love the soundtrack. It is very remenisent of Nobou Uematsu, Yoko Shimomura, mixed with a light version of Darren Korb, also from Super Giant Games (Bastion, Transistor, soon to be Pyre). Each song syncs up with the desired atmoshperic feeling the developers want to convey. I cannot say enough good things about this OST. Eiko Nichols is outstanding in my books."
- TheSlacker

"... omg... The Soundtrack. Oh god please who is the God who made that Soundtrack? It gave me goosebumps. I mean.. Just listen to those 2 Soundtracks!!!....You get instantly hooked about the soundtrack and i would just pay 22,39€ only for the Soundtrack ;o....And now this. Just listen to this for 30 seconds. The Soundtrack is superior"
- Saibot

"I'll begin with the game's strengths. The music is absolutely brilliant. Almost every track fit right in and strengthened the atmosphere of the entire game. The dynamic music, how the overworld track would go right into the combat version of a song then seamlessly right back out once combat ended, was a great touch....The world and music are delightful."
- Dymhsa

"... I can never consider a game great if it dosn't have a soundtrack worth standing still to fully absorb. Thank you Eiko for making this good game a great game."
- Arkein

"The first thing I noticed about the game was how nice the music was."
- betadot

"Music is beautiful – Through the most RPG games I play the music is always top notch and beautiful. Earthlock is no exception to this and provides a beautiful soundtrack to go a long with the game."
- Meownic

- The music
The music is absolutely gorgeous and captures the feel of the game perfectly. Like the art style, it's a completely unique style that doesn't feel like an intimation of another game."

- notcollin

"The Soundtrack is incredible and diverse, but what makes it more than just nice to listen is that battle themes are rearranged versions of the area themes they belong. It truly makes the game more enjoyable when your favorite battle themes can be traced to fighting in the sewer or on the glacier. But most importantly you never go into the hundreds upon hundreds of battles hearing the same opening over and over, also the switch is seamless as a nice touch."
- Spicoli

"I do have a problem though. I sit at the title screen for a long time listening to the piano intro before getting into it."
- Caliber

"I'd love to pick that up as the music is FANTASTIC"
- JCE3000GT

"-Music - The compositions and score are quite nice. I had a great time listening to the music and never wanted to turn it off....."
- Knackz

"I finished Earthlock recently, It was magnificent, just like the music."
- Arkein

"this theme is awesome!"
- Kami Izumi

"Just want to say that I've been subscribed to you for a long time, ever since I heard your Final Fantasy-inspired pieces, and always loved the style of your music. I'm so glad you're making tracks for games now, and I just bought Earthlock after hearing your compositions for it :D"
- Tara C.S.

"Thanks so much, I love this OST and it's no one else has it since the game came out yesterday"
- Jamaroode Gaming

"... The music however was standout and I've been looking for this piece of music since its release. Amazing job and thanks!"
- Kam

"I love this so much"
- I love Weda Chan

"Fantastic soundtrack."
- Giovanni Walden

"Had to find this. This is stuck in my head"
- Elijah collazo

"Fantastic OST! I've been listening to most of the songs for the last hour ...."
- J.R Romero

 "This boss music is so nostalgic to me. Now when I hear it ( took me forever to find it ) I think of slaying that freak Magoc the Hollow. Truly a masterpiece this whole soundtrack in this game is amazing."
- Catherine Andris

"love this song it's great for the boss battles it gets you pumped for then ^_^"
- brilliant bam

"Love all of your new stuff! Thank you for sharing <3"
- Azure_skies_forever

"Fabulous song i love them ! :)"
- Sanji Lou

"nice song... hope you become famous one day and everyone hear your master piece"
- Jovanny Leyva

"Bright future awaits"
- asamii al_shamare

"You are great at playing. Love your music and this game!"
 - xDarkSoul18x

 - Frans S.

"... epic music... "
- StarBuck

"The music is very relaxing and well done, I don't feel annoyed like I get with obnoxious repetative musical scores that plague this genre."

".... has wonderful music..."
- Jason

"The music is nice in the background without getting boring or annoying."

- henriktyskerud

"All paired with a nice and well made soundtrack makes this game a very worthwhile experience."
- Frost

"The game is beautiful, both in terms of the vibrant 3D environments and the high quality JRPG-style music that goes with it."
- fictitiouspresence

".. Nice soundtrack .."
- FuegoGatos

"pleasant music and sfx"
- Pellefant

"The world and soundtrack are beautiful and have a lot of character,.."
- csect


- night4

"...the music is great...."
- WhiteSpyder

" ... - Nice soundtrack -..." 
- FuegoGatos

"To start with this is a great throwback to the classic RPG with eye catching graphics, catchy music, and witty dialogue reminiscent of classics from the playstation 1&2 and windows bassed platforms,..."
- xX Gamja Man Xx

"Beautiful game and brilliant music."
- jcdranzer25

"The music is wonderful, the vocals slowly crept in in the beginning..."
- cyncynshop









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