Eiko Nichols is a Vancouver music composer focusing primarily in games working since 2002. What makes her unique from most composers is that she is capable of producing her own recorded orchestra by utilizing her engineering skills and recording herself performing a full spectrum of instruments. She can avoid using prerecorded

MIDI sampled instrumentation and the results not only sound superior but also add human elements to her pieces.

Her strengths lie in constructing memorable melodies arranged in instrumental or orchestral pieces. She has experience in composing for a wide range of musical genres but recently decided to focus only in the area of melodic instrumental/orchestral composition.

As well as her strengths in composition, she has fine-tuned her sound engineering skills by studying and teaching at the Art Institute of Vancouver after receiving the Professional Recording Arts diploma there in 2006. Apart from attending A.I, Eiko studied at Queen's University and Simon Fraser University music schools in the past.


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